Obtaining a visa to visit Bhutan is easy process. We will get it done on your behalf. Once you have finalized your trip and payment has been made, we will process your visa with the government. Visitors must have a visa prior to arriving in the kingdom. No foreign mission or embassy abroad grants Bhutan tourist visas. If you wish to extend your stay in the country beyond your pre-planned duration, Bhutan Welfare Tour and Travels will help facilitate and guarantee your extension duration but you have to bear charge for that.

All information required in the Visa Application form must reach us at least three weeks before the intended arrival date to enable processing with the concerned authorities. Alternatively, a copy ofvisa application form can be filled out by tourists and mailed/faxed/e-mailed to us.

The actual visa is stamped on arrival in Bhutan but it must be cleared in advance and a visa clearance number issued.

For all travelers entering Bhutan by Druk Air, the visa clearance is forwarded to the concerned overseas Druk Air stations. Without a visa clearance number, passengers are not allowed to board the flight.

For travelers, entering the country by road through Phuentsholing (the border town in southern Bhutan) the clearance number is forwarded to the Immigration office at Phuentsholing for reference and the visa is stamped on arrival.

Visa fee is US $40 per person for a 14 day visa which can be further extended without additional fees.

Bhutan welfare  will advise all visitors of their visa status before their intended departure dates. We will send you a copy of the visa clearance letter prior to your arrival.